Car Maintenance for Low Mileage Cars.

If you have a car that you don’t drive very often or very far. Maintenance for that vehicle will be different than for a vehicle that is driven regularly. People who have a second car they use infrequently, or a collector car they only take to shows or for drives on a nice summer day, can save money on maintenance, but they will have different routines.

  • Where You Save: A car that doesn’t make many miles will not consume products as quickly; oil changes and fluid flushes will be less frequent. Often tyres will still have good tread for more years than the tyre is good for. If you didn’t know, tyres have expiry dates. You might even consider putting less expensive tyres on for this reason. You can find cheap tyres in Tipton. Another area where you can save is finding an insurance company that will give you cheaper rates for low mileage.
  • What is Extra: Because your vehicle is sitting and not running every day you will have less information about how it is doing. You will have to have inspections occasionally to see if the tyres are still good and check for damage from animals. You will also have to run the car to keep everything in running shape and burn through the tank’s fuel. Old petrol is terrible news for your fuel system.

The good news is that the extra steps are a labour of love, and they give you an excellent excuse to take your special car out on the road. With a bit of additional oversight, cars can last many decades and remain in reasonable condition.

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