Tips for Cheaper Motoring

We all know the huge price to pay for vehicle ownership, what with fuel, maintenance, road tax and insurance. It is a cost that most people begrudgingly pay, as being without transport is simply not an option, yet there are a few ways that you can save money, which we outline in this short article.

  • Used Tyres – The current trend for wide wheels means that many car owners change the wheels (and therefore the tyres) for a wider set. Not all tyre shops offer second-hand tyres, but those that do can usually find a quality set for your car, which will save you a lot when compared to a new set.
  • DIY Service – If you have basic knowledge about vehicle maintenance and some essential tools, why not service your car and save on the huge labour costs? The owner’s manual will tell you what you need to know and it would only take a few hours to change the oil and carry out other maintenance checks. For serious gearbox issues, there is affordable automatic gearbox repairs in Epping from a family run business.
  • Used Car Parts – Whatever make or model you drive, your local car breaker’s yard would likely have the part you need and prices are very low when compared to new components. When a vehicle is written off after a bad accident, the mechanics strip all usable parts and recondition them, selling them to the general public.

Driving a little slower also saves you money and using the brakes, rather than the gears to slow down is another way to save money.

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